No One Dies This Time: THE REVEALS 2016

Welcome Kaisoo happy ending enthusiasts ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Can you guys believe it? It's here already—The Reveals!

After 6 months of promotions, prompting, claiming, writing, posting and guessing, we have finally reached the end of Kaisoo AU Fest's first ever round. From the amazing ideas of our prompters, to the talented works of our writers, to the help and cheers of our betas and buddies, to the enthusiastic and encouraging support from our readers, this first round has been nothing but amazing from start to finish!

No One Dies This Time: a Kaisoo AU fic fest with happy endings is all about the journey. Having a set ending may be hard to write, boxed by the theme to provide the readers the happy ending they are expecting. How does one make a story captivating and compelling if your readers already know how it will end? It was definitely a challenge.

This is why we are proud of our 115 participants for bringing us 130 amazing Kaisoo happy ending fics across 10 different categories—family/domestic/kid!au(20), post-apoc/dystopian!au(10), shows/movies!au(11), workplace!au(15), sci-fi!au(5), relationship!au(25), socialnetwork!au(8), songs!au(11), school!au(13) and fantasy!au(13).

With a total of 1,378,750 words, our writers were able to show that it is possible to have Kaisoo fall in love in different settings, scenarios and circumstances, with varied personalities and quirks and yet, still retaining the true essence of who they are, that in all of these AUs, no matter what age or relationship or hardship, Kaisoo will always find each other and fall in love. They showed us that it is indeed the journey that matters!

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Are you guys tired of hearing from us mods yet? Haha! We hope not! It hasn't been long since we had our Reveals Post where we revealed who wrote which of the 130 happy ending Kaisoo fics we posted over the course of 5 weeks. Were you surprised by some of the names? Or did you guess most of them correctly? Did you find new authors to follow? Did it affirm your love for your faves?


Today, we have our much awaited PROMPT ADOPTION POST! Curious about what it is? Head on down to find out!

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[I22] MISFIRE (1/2)

Prompt Code: I22
Title: Misfire
Rating: PG-13
Side Pairings (if any): Baekyeol, a smidge of Hunhan
Warnings: Some slight swearing
Word Count: 12.3K
Summary: The dark isn’t as scary when Jongin is there.
AN: So I took a lot of liberties with the prompt, but I still want to thank the prompter. You gave me a solid starting point and I hope you like your story! I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this. I need to thank the fest organizers because they are seriously so kind and literally gave me a million chances to finish this fic! Please give my fic a chance and enjoy the kaisoo! Thank you~

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Prompt Code: A65
Title: The issue of babies and (terrible) mood swings
Rating: pg-13
Side Pairings (if any): Chanbaek
Warnings: Physical!Kaisoo, Swearing and Mpreg
Word Count: 3,813 words
Summary: Kyungsoo was a mess and Jongin was just too fed up with the man.
AN: My second fic! I felt like my first fic was like a mess, I felt like I needed to still redeem myself since, I am a fluffy person and angst isn’t always my forte. A domestic au was something I needed to get out. Thank you for the mods who decided to still take my submission and cucumber for being forever understanding of my feels when it comes to domestic angst aus. Lol. what am i talking about it’s 3 am. Word vomit, Sorry guys.

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Prompt Code: A08
Title: Warm Me Better
Rating: PG-13
Side pairings: mentioned Sehun/Irene
Word Count: 6.2k
Summary: Kyungsoo and Jongin learn to appreciate the kind of warmth only a family can provide.
Warnings: swearing, mpreg, mentions of artificial insemination, descriptions of past miscarriages, awkward pov shifts
AN: I kinda feel like it sucks. I’m sorry prompter I am an abomination. On a side note, I can’t express how grateful I am to the mods for being endlessly supporting and kind and understanding. Yall the real MVPs yo. #protectnoddtmods2016 Also this is unbetaed because I lost contact with my beta halfway through finals??? And yes I used Kyungsoo’s roles in movies/dramas as some of the side characters. What can I say I’m a hoe for Actor Do

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